Swedbank AB pret Tizleņu Reģistru

2010.gads. Tā izskatījās mūsu dīvainā sarakste.


TR Notārs,
LR Tizleņu Reģistrs

Anna Mejlerö,
Melbourne IT DBS

10.maijs | Uz TR e-pastu murgs@tizleni.lv pienāk sekojoša vēstule:

To Whom It May Concern,

I represent Swedbank AB (“Swedbank”) with its registered address at Brunkebergstorg 8, 105 34 Stockholm, Sweden.

It has come to the attention of Swedbank that you are the owner of the domain name tizleni.lv where Swedbank’s copyright protected logotype is displayed on several pages. As you probably know, SWEDBANK is a registered trademark and as such an important asset of Swedbank. Accordingly, my client must be extremely vigilant in protecting its intellectual property rights and in preventing unauthorized use of its trademarks in order to prevent confusion with or dilution of those trademarks. Swedbank owns trademark registrations for the mark SWEDBANK in countries all across the world, including in the European Union.

Please read attached letter carefully and respond to me within seven (7) days upon confirmation of this email.

Yours Sincerely
Anna Mejlerö

Pielikumā PDF dokuments ar izvērstāku uzbraucienu, parakstu un visām regālijām.

10.maijs | Nevelkot garumā rakstu atbildi uz Anna.Mejlero@melbourneitdbs.com:

Anna Mejlerö
Online Brand Protection Specialist
Concerning Swedbank’s trademark eventual violation please read attached letter.

TR Notārs

Pielikumā tikpat zolīds PDF dokuments ar parakstu un pribambasiem, kā jau kārtīgā kantorī.

17.maijs | Pretējās puses bezatbildīgās klusēšanas sarūgtināts, uzmācos ar derīgiem padomiem:

Anna Mejlerö, Online Brand Protection Specialist, Melbourne IT DBS!

Haven’t heard from you anything but snore since May 10, when you came up with certain claims and I replied with some reasonable questions to specify the subject of discussion.

First I presumed you still celebrating May Day but, kick my ass, even lazy Swedish vikings could not booze for so long! May be you are too busy protecting on-line virginity of kind of Goldman-Sucks monsters? But no, Swedbank is not worse!

And then I realized. You don't know how to identify certain images! The only way you know is pointing computer monitor by your finger saying: „look, this one with a fat fingerprint in the very center!”.

ir, Madam, It or Whatever you are! This definitely is not the only way! I am to show you at least three other ways, you can do it.

1. The first and the simplest is pasting printscreens from the browser window while visiting www.tizleni.lv into some bitmap processing application and drawing red circles around image you like more than others. Probably that will be the right one - Swedbank’s logotype.

2. Level up. Most of the browsers allow save a certain image via right-click menu. Then you can call the saved image into your Word document and have a nice PDF printout. In case if you, your colleagues and other vikings have difficulties with this method, you are welcome to Swdbank’s Latvian branch where every office-girl will easily help you with that. Actually that’s is what they do: clicking, coping, posting, pasting, twitting, blogging, skyping...

3. For advanced users (Do Not Try This At Home!). Just find out URLs of images you’d like to mark from web page’s source and operate with these references only! I’m afraid there are no people in whole Scandinavia able to do such a complex manipulations since Linus Torvald has left for the USA.

Hope I’ll hear from you soon.

Maybe your best friend,
TR Notārs, www.tizleni.lv

17.maijs | Atbilde atnāk ātri:


Thank you for your informative letter. I have been on holiday, therefore the late reply from my side.

The exact place where the trademark infringement occurs is on the page http://www.tizleni.lv/lv/saraksts.html (press on Suudbank).

Kind regards
Anna Mejlerö

18.maijs | Risinām problēmu tālāk:

Anna Mejlerö, Online Brand Protection Specialist, Melbourne IT DBS!

I searched through the page you pointed to:
http://www.tizleni.lv/lv/f001.html . Isn’t it wonderful? I hardly could find any reference to Swedbank. However suspicion falls on this image: http://www.tizleni.lv/pic/suudbank_b2.jpg.

In my humble opinion this one should not be related with Swedbank. Anyway, if you like and also your client does... Well, you’re big, I’m little – take it!

By other hand – I don’t want to remove that page, cause it’s so beautiful. To me. And several thousands of www.tizleni.lv visitors too. Therefore let’s find the way this image can be modified to avoid Swedbank’s trademark violation.

It can be done easy if the image is split in elements. Then all your work is to specify which of elements or combination of elements belongs to Swedbank.

1. Title „Suudbank”
2. Black Background Rectangle
3. Font Color
4. Font Family
5. Yellow Coin
6. Yellow Piece Of Shit

Hope I’ll hear from you soon.

Definitely your best friend on this side of Baltic Sea,
TR Notārs, www.tizleni.lv

26.maijs | Atkal klusums pārāk ieildzis, tādēļ kārtējo vēstuli papildinu ar CC Swedbankas brendu vadības nodaļai:

Anna Mejlerö, Online Brand Protection Specialist, Melbourne IT DBS!

It’s week around again and I assume the Swedbank is still suffering having injured copyright and dishonored brand

You see, I’m intent on changing things to meet your client’s interests. Therefore I really need your expert analysis to modify the discussed image.

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Are we still friends?
TR Notārs, www.tizleni.lv

26.maijs | Saņemu saltu atbildi:


I kindly ask you to remove all Swedbank logotypes, both the coins and text images which appears on several places on the site http://www.tizleni.lv/lv/f001.html.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Anna Mejlerö

26.maijs | Laiks uzdot svarīgu jautājumu (ar visu CC Swedbankai):

Anna Mejlerö, Online Brand Protection Specialist, Melbourne IT DBS!

Do you insist on following: name „Suudbank” is equal to name „Swedbank” and is forbidden for using by anybody else than Swedbank AB?

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Sometimes you are so frosty...
TR Notārs, www.tizleni.lv

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